Surfdock Watersport Centre Covid 19 Information

We will be re-opening our watersports centre in accordance with HSE and government guidelines. For exact dates, please keep an eye on the website, our social media channels and the newsletter.

When we open the centre, we are implementing additional Covid 19 policies in order to keep our staff and customers safe while providing a fun experience. Our physical store will re-open on the 8th June, our online shop is delivering as normal.

In order to make our space as safe as possible for all of us to enjoy, the new guidelines will include:

  • all staff receive Covid 19 Induction training before starting to work in the centre. Subjects covered are: Symptoms of Covid 19, How does Covid 19 Spread, Hygiene, Cleaning, How to deal with a suspected case, new company procedures relating to Covid 19, PPE, First Aid and any other inevitable situations in which social distancing cannot be adhered to
  • All participants must pre-book, no walk-ins will be accepted. A digital waiver has to be filled in ahead of time.
  • Customers must not visit us if they display any symptoms of Covid 19 themselves or if a member of their household does or if they have been in close contact with a confirmed case
  • our cleaning and hygiene schedule has been adapted, all areas will be cleaned frequently and particular focus will be given to touchpoints (like door handles and other surfaces)
  • We will not provide showers and only limited capacity changing rooms at the start. Customers that are over 18 are encouraged to change outside/in their changing robe etc., please treat your visit to us like a trip to the beach. We will provide limited capacity toilet facilities.
  • All customers will be required to wash their hands upon check-in and hand sanitiser will provided at strategic points throughout the centre. HSE coughing and sneezing hygiene is to be followed by anyone on site.
  • We reserve the right to perform temperature checks at check-in (if required by HSE and government guidelines). As the information surrounding this is not yet 100% clear, this may or may not happen, but we felt we should mention it, in case you have concerns about it. If you do, please just ask. No record would be kept of any checks, these would solely be used to allow or refuse entry to the centre. According to government guidelines retail customers are exempt from this requirement.
  • all sessions will be delivered while keeping to social distancing guidelines
  • First Aid will be administered if needed. All first aid staff are fully trained and are also trained in any additional requirements relating to Covid 19. PPE as per HSE guidelines is provided for first aiders and those receiving first aid.

All our Covid 19 policies are subject to change in line with government and HSE guidance. If you have any concerns about our policies or questions in relation to any of our sessions, please give us a call on 01-6683945 or send us an email.

When visiting us, please leave plenty of time before your session and plan to queue at check-in as the new process will be slower than before. We will stagger time slots and arrivals as much as possible and only operate with very small groups in the initial phases. Signage will be on site to guide you towards hand sanitiser points and the hand washing station. It will also explain which areas to wait in and which way to go. Depending on how many people are on site at the same time routes may be restricted to allow for social distancing.

We are very excited to be opening back up and are looking forward to working together with our staff and our customers in achieving our goal of offering outdoor watersports to keep us active and fit and most importantly having fun while staying safe.

See you on the water soon,

Nina & Colin Harris

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