Surfdock Red Paddle Co 10 ft 6 Ride Package

Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards

Growing more and more in popularity, inflatable stand up paddle boards have proven a great way to get on the water in recent years. Especially for use in flat water, they have some great advantages over hard boards, storage probably being the most obvious one. Transport is also a lot easier and there is no need for roof racks (or even a car!). Most of the boards will also be considerably cheaper than their hard board equivalents, another plus point for the iSUPs.

Most brands will offer their inflatable boards as packages together with an entry level paddle, pump, repair kit and leash. Wrapped up in a carry backpack, you will be set to get on the water the minute you purchase your board – it really couldn’t be easier.

Here at Surfdock we’ve got a large selection of boards available and our expert staff are happy to give you advice on how to choose the right board for you. We also provide beginner SUP classes plus open water SUP classes for more experienced paddleboarders. Book a class after you buy and we’ll teach you the correct techniques and safety of your new paddle boarding equipment

We sell boards from Red Paddle, Fanatic, Jobe, O’Shea, Naish and Starboard, so there is a huge range to pick the perfect board for you.

Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards