Summer Camps

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The Best Summer Camp in Dublin

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We run action-packed activity camps for children aged 8-16 for 11 weeks during the summer. Surfdock summer camps are run by qualified instructors who create a fun and safe environment for your children. Our unique mix of water and land based activities guarantees lots of epic fun.

After a week at our camps, your kids will...

Summer Camp Activities*

Surfdock Dublin School Tour Kayaking


Surfdock Dublin School Tour Paddleboarding

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Kids Sailing at Summer Camp


Surfdock Watersports Dublin Windsurfing Class


Surdock Dublin kids party Wakeboarding


Kids Ringo Rides

Ringo Rides

* During our half day summer camps in 2020 we will not offer the full range of activities. Find out more here.

Early Bird Pricing (available until 30th April)

Summer Camp

5 Full Days
195 Per Child/Week
  • 5 days from 10am to 4.30pm
  • Free Supervision from 9am
  • 6 Activities
  • Qualified Instructors
  • Wetsuit can be rented, €10 per week

Summer Camp Dates




Extra Details & Group Discounts

All prices below are per child per week. This pricing applies once the early bird is not available anymore. The early bird price cannot be combined with any other discounts. The price does not include wetsuit rental.

Regular Price: €225 (5-day camp) / €180 (for the 4-day camp in August where the Monday is a bank holiday)

Discounted Rates*
1 child for 2 weeks / 2 children for 1 week – €215 per child/week (€172 per child/week (for the 4-day camps where the Monday is a bank holiday)

1 child for 3 weeks / 3 children for 1 week – €205 per child/week (€164 per child/week (for the 4-day camps where the Monday is a bank holiday)

2 children for 2 weeks / 1 child  for 4 weeks – €205 per child/week (€164 per child/week (for the 4-day camps where the Monday is a bank holiday)

5 child weeks or more – €195 per child/week (€156 per child/week (for the 4-day camps where the Monday is a bank holiday)

*In order to avail of discounts the full amount due has to be paid at the time of booking. Discounts for multiple children are only available if all children are booked into a camp in the same transaction.

Wetsuit Rental
If your child does not have their own wetsuit, a wetsuit can be rented from us for the camp for an additional 10 Euro/week per child. This amount can be used against a kids wetsuit in our shop if you do decide to buy your own after you have already paid, it is otherwise non-refundable.

Participants are not allowed to wear shorty wetsuits during camp. We recommend winter wetsuits (5/3) but at least 3/2 full suits are required. Our rental wetsuits are 5/3.

What parents say

Common Questions

What ages are the camps suitable for?

Our summer camp is for children aged 8-16 years. During the camp they will be in a group of other children (roughly) their age. While we make exceptions for 7 year olds if they and their parents feel that they would love to do our full day camp, there are no exceptions possible to take on children older than 16. All participants have to be able to swim.

What do we need to bring and what are your facilities?

We have separate boys and girls changing rooms, toilets and showers on site. The children’s bags will be in a secure lock up during the day that is accessible at lunch time. As we don’t take any responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged items, we recommend not to bring anything of value on your trip with us.

Participants needs: swimwear, a towel and an old pair of runners that they don’t mind getting wet. This is important, eas it is mandatory to have appropriate footwear, either runners or water shoes. Crocs or similar cannot be worn on the water.

Wetsuits can be rented from us for the week.

We recommend to wear a quick dry top (rash vest or similar, this does not have to be watersports related, they might have it from another sport they do), Tshirts cannot be worn under the wetsuits.

We will provide them with wetsuits, buoyancy aids and helmets.

They also need a big packed lunch, warm clothes for after the sessions, a rain jacket or other outdoor clothing for if it’s a cold day.

Do we need to sign a waiver?

Yes, all participants have to sign a waiver before they can go on a session with us. This is digital and will be sent to you once you’ve made a booking. Children without a waiver cannot participate in the activities. Here is a link to the text of the waiver.

What does a typical day at the camp look like?

With the exception of the first day which is usually a bit slower to get started and includes the induction, a usual day at camp starts between 9am and 10am with the children arriving, getting changed into wetsuits and around 10am embarking on their first activity of the day. This session will be approx. 1.5-2 hours long, followed by a lunch break that gives everyone time to relax and have a chat with the other kids. After lunch we are off to do our second session of the day and return from the water around 4pm. Collection is from 4.30pm and we offer supervision until 5pm.

Do you offer food?

We don’t provide food, but we have a picnic area that the children use at lunch for the food they bring in. Hot water is available for pot noodles etc. Please bear in mind that the children are very active during the day and will likely eat a bigger lunch than usual.

What happens if the weather is bad?

This being Ireland, it is not unusual to have bad weather in the summer. We provide children with winter wetsuits, if they rent from us. As long as safe to do so, we will aim to go on the water. In case of adverse weather conditions we will focus on landbased activities keeping the children active and warm. We understand that parents rely on the camp taking place and for the children to be minded during the day so instead of cancelling we prefer to offer alternative activities.