Series of Lessons for Primary and Secondary Schools

This is our most popular Schools Programme, and focuses on students attaining competency in several watersports disciplines over a series of lessons. Programmes are customised relative to the schedule of the School and can run from between 2 and 8 lessons, lasting three hours each. Typically a School will schedule the lesson as once per week over the duration of the course at a set time.

Lessons can be run for any three hour period during daylight hours Monday to Saturday and teachers are invited to participate (though by no means is this mandatory!).

This programme is particularly popular with Transition Year Groups, who in addition to attaining Surfdock accreditation can attain sign off for components of the Gaisce award. Please see below guide to the syllabus for these programmes:

Sample 2 Lesson Programme Sample 4 Lesson Programme Sample 6 Lesson Programme Sample 8 Lesson Programme
2x 3 Hour Lessons 1x Sailing 3Hr Lesson 2x Sailing 3Hr Lessons 2x Sailing 3Hr Lessons
Activities can be: Sailing, Kayaking, Paddleboarding, Windsurfing 1x Paddleboarding 3Hr Lesson 1x Paddleboarding 3Hr Lesson 2x Paddleboarding 3Hr Lessons
  1x Windsurfing Lesson 3Hr Lesson 1x Windsurfing Lesson 3Hr Lesson 2x Windsurfing Lessons
  1x Kayaking Lesson 1x Kayaking Lesson 2x Kayaking Lessons
Cost: €35 pp Cost: €70pp Cost: €96pp Cost: €120pp

Students receive certification for completion of every module (i.e. Sailing / Kayaking / Windsurfing / Paddleboarding) they complete.

We have a capacity of 40 students per lesson for this programme. This does not preclude schools from sending additional groups at other times.

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