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Surfdock have teamed up with the Irish Dragon Boat Association to offer Dragon boat training for primary and secondary schools, corporate and private adult groups and kids groups of 20 people or more.

Dragon Boating is the mass participation paddle sport of today, with an ancient past and a very bright future. Not yet an Olympic sport but heading that way fast, Dragon Boat Racing is a ‘team sport’; a very social sport and great fun too!

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Dragonboating is still very new to Ireland and we are delighted to offer groups this unique opportunity to come and get involved.

For enquiries and bookings, email or call us on 01-6683945.

A sample itinerary for a session could look like this:


10am Group Arrives at Surfdock!
10.05am Group are introduced to their instructors and briefed on Dragonboating, given life jackets and paddles.
10.15am Group begins their activity starting with a land drill
11.45am Group finishes their Activity.
11.50pm Debriefing from Head Instructor on performance of group. Certificates awarded to all participants.
12pm Hometime!

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For bookings and enquiries call us on 01-6683945.

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Here’s a little history of dragonboating:

Dragon boats originated in china and the boats are originally made from wood. They have 10-50 paddlers depending on the size of the boat, 1 drummer and 1 sweep/steersman on a boat. The drummer keeps the paddlers synchronized like a conductor in an orchestra, but is thought of as the heartbeat of the dragon. These boats were used in races and in traditional festivals. During festivals decorative dragon heads are placed on the boat. During races these heads are taken off as they are not needed. In the first Dragon boat races, around 2500 years ago, (around the time of the Greeks started the Olympics), the crew on each ship would hit other paddlers on other boats with bamboo or throw stones at them. If any boat was to capsize onlookers wouldn’t help. If anyone drowned or was killed it was taken as a sacrifice to the dragon.