KONA Windsurfing Ireland

The one-design race class KONA has arrived in Ireland

We are very excited at the arrival of the KONA Windsurfing One design race class in Dublin.

Don’t know KONA? Here’s a little history for you (and for more detailed information have a look at the KONA website):

The KONA One design class was introduced by Patrice Belbeoch (Designer) ,Tor Bakke (Class founder) and Joachim Larsson (CEO) in 2006 and has since grown rapidly in the US and Europe.

Their aim was to use the best of modern technology and design features to develop a class of race board that was fun for all skill levels. KONA One design is unique in its user friendly design and features an early planing and easily maneuvered board, that beginners and intermediate windsurfers find accessible whilst still providing challenges for advanced sailors.

The KONA One ideology is to enhance tactical sailing, meaning that pumping is strictly prohibited. Due to its versatility and great light wind performance no minimum wind limit is required.

The class is divided into four weight groups plus the ladies and cadet divisions -and with different sail sizes carefully tuned to match the (weight) divisions, a level playing field is ensured for all.

Easy accessibility and fair tactical sailing without pumping are key factors attracting windsurfers of all ages and sizes, and obviously the non physical factor makes Kona the ideal option for women and youth sailors. Additionally, the board performs extremely well in sub planing conditions, and becomes surprisingly playful and responsive on the plane, thanks to the duck tail concept.

Although the history of the Kona Class only goes back a few years, it has been a very successful one and remarkably the Kona Class got recognized by ISAF in only its 4th season as an established class.

In contrast to technical and physical classes, the easily accessible Kona Class is being celebrated as “the open door” to windsurfing, and as such a potential feeder to all other classes.

“All winds are Kona winds.”

KONA in Ireland:

We currently have a fleet of 5 KONA boards, based in the Malahide Yacht Club, Co.Dublin. These boards, while privately owned, will be available for demos for anyone who is interested in getting involved in the sport themselves.

As soon as the next sailing season kicks off we are planning to run regular races out of Malahide.

Check out KONA Windsurfing Ireland on Facebook to get news, demo dates and more.

Find out how you can be involved and how to get your own KONA equipment by email to shop@surfdock.ie/surfdock2018 or call us on 01-6683945.