FAQ Children’s Courses

Please see below for answers to many Frequently Asked Questions we have been asked. If your question isn’t answered below please don’t hesitate to contact us – we will be glad to do so.

My child/ren has/have never participated in a watersports programme before, and is/are a little anxious. Is this a common situation?

Many children are anxious about getting started in watersports, it can be daunting! Because of this we introduce children gently to the water, and hold a land based lesson before each class goes on their activity. In this way students can get comfortable on land with their equipment before they progress onto the water. We fully appreciate that some children are nervous of the water, so we work within their comfort zone. Some students can’t wait to get on the water, and that’s fine. For others, it takes a little while to get comfortable with the activity, and this is equally fine! Students have the option to go in the safety boat with our experienced instructors to watch the activity before participating in the activity themselves, and most importantly no student is forced to participate if they are not comfortable doing so. Surfdock is all about having fun!

What are the supervision arrangements at Surfdock?

As a watersports school, we supervise children in the same way as a normal school would. Before each lesson a roll of attendance is taken and is supplied to each school after each lesson. Throughout the activity and until the lesson finishes, children are under comprehensive supervision from Surfdock instructors. No child is permitted to leave the premises at any stage except with the express permission of the parent or school.

What are your arrangements in the event of bad weather?

Ireland has a relatively temperate climate – generally not too hot and not too cold. Because of this, we generally have no difficulty in running lessons, and run to schedule approximately 98% of the time. In circumstances of extreme weather (wind, cold or snow) we will contact the school in advance and seek to reschedule to a stage where conditions are more favourable. No lesson will ever go ahead where there is a risk to the safety of our students.

What safety equipment is provided?

We provide all necessary safety and watersports equipment, which is included in the course fee. All students are required to wear a lifejacket or buoyancy aid when on or near the water.

Can you facilitate students with medical conditions?

In general, we can facilitate students with medical conditions. All of our instructors are first aid trained, and have experience dealing with students who suffer from asthma, diabetes or other conditions. For further information, please call us at 01 6683945.

What is included in the lesson fee?

The lesson fee covers the comprehensive necessities of the programme – there are no hidden extras! Specifically the course fee covers: Equipment (Boats etc), Watersports Gear, Lifejacket, Instruction, Use of Clubhouse & Showers, and Insurance.

What should children bring along to each lesson?

We advise students to bring along: Change of Clothes, Footwear to wear in the boat, Shampoo & Towel, Hat, Suncream, and a Waterproof Jacket.

Is there anything students should avoid bringing?

We discourage students’ bring valuables along to Surfdock, unfortunately we do not offer insurance for personal belongings. Consequently we advise that items such as Digital Cameras, MP3 players, large sums of money and Mobile Phones be left at home. Surfdock does not accept responsibility for any items lost on our programmes.