Surfdock Easter Camp 2017


Fun Easter camp for young people from 8-16 years in the Grand Canal Dock

Join us this Easter holiday for 4 half days of fun with a unique mix of water-based and land-based activities including stand up paddleboarding, kayaking, windsurfing, sailing and cable wakeboarding. No experience in any of the sports required.

We provide all equipment and wetsuits can be rented (please see below for details), so children only need swimwear, an old pair of runners, a towel, warm clothing for afterwards and a snack for break time.


Tuesday, 18th April – Friday 21st April

The camp starts every day at 10am (supervision from 9am) and finishes at 1.30pm.

*Discounts available for bookings for multiple children. In order to avail of discounts the full amount due has to be paid at the time of booking. Discounts for multiple children are only available if all children are booked into a camp in the same transaction.

€105 per child

Discounted Rates:

2 children – €100 per child

3 or 4 children – €95 per child

5 or more children – €90 per child


Wetsuit Rental: If your child does not have their own wetsuit, a wetsuit can be rented from us for the camp for an additional 5 Euro/camp per child. This amount can be used against a kids wetsuit in our shop if you do decide to buy your own after you have already paid, it is otherwise non-refundable.


Great fun | Ideal location | Safe environment

We have been running kids camps in the Grand Canal Dock for more than 20 years and our fully qualified instructors have great experience in working with children and teaching water sports. No previous expeirence required.

The safe surroundings of the Grand Canal Dock are ideal to learn & practice water sports.

Our camp location is very easy to get to, we’re only 5 minutes from the city centre and in walking distance from the Grand Canal Dock DART station. There is free parking available while dropping off/collecting children.

If you would like to book your child/ren into our camp you can send us an email to or call us on 01-6683945 or book directly online.

Brands in the spotlight: LX Upcycle


We are absolutely thrilled to add the LX Upcycle range of wallets, bags and laptop cases to our online shop. All items are unique, designed and produced in Ireland and made from upcycled bike tubes, kites, sails and wetsuits. So not only are the products gorgeous, they also do their bit for the environment and support the makers right here in Ireland.

Check out the selection in store or online here.

foldi-wallet-1_grande lx-upcycle_grande

Watersport Instructor Positions 2017


We are looking for watersports instructors to become part of our team during the 2017 Spring/Summer season and beyond. We are hiring a number of instructors for two different positions:

  • Part time instructor starting April/May 2017 for school tours, birthday parties, corporate groups, hen/stag parties (has to be available to work evenings and weekends throughout the summer)
  • Full time instructor for our summer camp for children aged 8-16 years from 6th June until 18th August

Along with an enthusiasm to teach, applicants should have:

  • Instructor qualification in one or more of the sports we teach: stand up paddleboarding, kayaking, sailing and windsurfing
  • First Aid Qualification
  • Power Boat Certificate is an advantage

Previous experience in working with children and instructing large groups in watersports is a bonus.

Along with a basic salary you will

  • have the opportunity to gain hands on experience in a busy watersports centre and thanks to the variety of our offering, you will have the chance to get an insight into instructing a number of watersports to a diverse range of age groups and skill levels
  • be part of a team of instructors that are there to support each other and work together to guarantee an excellent customer experience
  • get discounts on the brands we sell in our watersports shop for the duration of your employment

All details about what types of sessions we run can be found on our website

If you are interested in working with us, please email your CV to Ruta at until 28th February 2017.

Top Gift Ideas for Paddleboarders

Your friend/relative/better half is into paddleboarding? Here are our top 8 gift ideas. These are the accessories that are perfect for the sport. If you are looking for a paddle board have a lookt at our range here.

1.FCS SUP Paddle Bag


Keep your paddle safe with the FCS SUP paddle bag to protect it from damage during transport and storage.

2. Northcore SUP Carry Sling


Going somewhere? Use the Northcore SUP Carry Sling to swing the board over your shoulder and off you go.

3. Vestpac Wilson Pac


Going the distance? The WilsonPac has been endorsed by some of the worlds top stand up paddlers (SUPers) as the best hydration pack on the water. The WilsonPac wicks moisture away from your back and chest providing a cooling effect. It is designed to completely drain in seconds, should you decide to take a dip, and the strap positioning makes it perfect for paddle sports. This pack is soft enough to wear over bare skin or a bikini top (if you don’t mind the tan lines), yet strong enough to last a lifetime in the sun and surf.

4. O’Neill Heat Boot 5mm Round Toe


Paddleboarding in the winter can be pretty cold, particularly on your feet. The O’Neill Heat boot will keep you nice and toasty. For other boot options have a look here.

5. Amphibia Waterproof Pouch


Paddling alone? Stay safe and bring your phone with you on the water in the Amphibia Waterproof Pouch.

6. ION Wooly Beanie


Keep your ears warm with this amazing beanie in the ION range. It is super soft and can be connected to your wetsuit at the back of the neck so you won’t lose it on the water.

7. FCS SUP Leash



Choose a good quality leash to stay connected to your most valued piece of equipment from the range of FCS SUP Leashes.

8. Overboard Pro-Light Waterproof Waist Pack – 6 Litres


This Overboard Waterproof Waist Pack is the safe way to take small valuables out with you in wet conditions, featuring a handy roll top design for easy access and a removable dry mesh belt so you can strap it to your own belt or pack. Perfect for your next SUP trip!

How to choose the right wetsuit


Buying a new wetsuit can be quite an investment and the right choice is going to make all the difference when you’re in and on the water. Most people keep a wetsuit for a number of seasons, so it makes sense to get a good one that will last you a while.

Which is your main sport? 

The first question to answer when you are buying a wetsuit is what you are getting it for. Whether you need it for swimming or surfing, windsurfing or kayaking, kitesurfing, paddleboarding or a combination of these will determine what type of wetsuit to go for. In general you would look for a lighter wetsuit for swimming than for the other sports to get the best flexibility.

Are you looking for a summer or winter wetsuit?

This is going to determine the thickness of your wetsuit. As a rule of thumb in Ireland you will need a 5/3  or 5/4 wetsuit if you want to be able to use it all year round for sports like surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing. If you are looking for a wetsuit for swimming a 3/2 in the winter and a 2mm shorty in the summer would be what we would recommend.

What do different types of neoprene, seams and linings say about the quality of the wetsuit? 

The lighter, warmer and stretchier your suit, the better. Therefore higher grade neoprene that is lighter and stretchier will be more expensive than basic neoprene. Wetsuits with flat lock stitched seams are usually cheaper than those that have welded seams/glued seams. That is because welded and/or glued seams let less water through. A lot of the brands now offer wetsuits with lining on the inside that will be quick dry and offers another layer of warmth.


All recommendations are for Ireland and meant as a guideline only. You can see our range of wetsuits here: Men | Women | Children

Surfing / Windsurfing / Kitesurfing / Wakeboarding

Summer: A 3/2 or 4/3 full suit are perfect for summer in Ireland. If you are only getting one wetsuit for all year round, get a 5/4 though. There are very few days that you would be too warm surfing in a 5/4. If you’re feeling warm you might choose a wetsuit with short legs, if you are kitesurfing or wakeboarding or a wetsuit with short sleeves if you are windsurfing.

Winter: You need a 5/4 and if it’s within your budget to get a second wetsuit you might look towards a 6/5/4 for the deep winter. If you are doing a windsport, get a wetsuit that has a rubberised chest pad to offer more wind protection for your core.

A nice feature for kite- and windsurfing are velcro straps at the bottom of the leg to strap the wetsuit tightly close and stop water from gushing up your leg.

Paddleboarding / Kayaking

Summer: As you might stay dry for a lot of the time, a lighter wetsuit or one without sleeves will be great for summer. When paddleboarding or kayaking without being in the water much, you have to be careful not too overheat or dehydrate especially if you’re going long distance or on a warm day.  A shorty, 3/2 or 4/3 are all fine depending on what exactly you do and how much you feel the cold (and how much of a workout you are going for!)

Winter: In winter in Ireland you will need a 5/4, much the same as for the other sports mentioned above.


If you are seriously into swimming and compete regularly in races (triathlons), you should consider buying a tri-suit. These will enhance your swimming and are great all year round.

If you swim just for fun or are not planning to compete in triathlons regularly, a 3/2 surf wetsuit will do the trick and will most likely only cost a fraction of a good tri-suit. Surf suits are  also more durable and so you will cover a greater range of activities.

Summer: Shorty or 3/2 (or maybe no wetsuit if you are feeling brave and only go into the water for a dip :)

Winter: 3/2 unless you feel the cold a lot, then you might choose a thicker wetsuit but should pick one with very stretchy neoprene to get as much flexibility in the shoulders as you can.

How long can I expect my wetsuit to last?

This depends on the quality of the suit, but mostly on how often you use it and what you do with it. If you use your wetsuit every day, you should expect it to last you around two seasons. After that the material will have stretched and the suit will have lost some of it’s warmth. That doesn’t mean you can’t use it anymore, it just won’t keep you as warm.

If you use your wetsuit once a week or even less it should last you a few years. We often have customers coming into the shop looking to replace a suit they have had for the last 4/5/6 years – it is absolutely possible to keep a wetsuit that long if you take good care of it.

Most wetsuits will come with a 12 month warranty, so if anything goes wrong with the seams or the neoprene, go back to the shop where you bought it and send it in for warranty. This obviously does not cover damage on the suit that is from use for example when you get caught on rocks, there is no warranty for that.

Front Zip (Chest Zip) versus Back Zip

Wetsuits with front zip (or zipless suits but with the same closure system) are gaining in popularity. Some say that they are warmer than backzip suits, but is that really the case?

If done well a front zip suit can definitely have some advantages over a backzip, for example that there is nothing limiting the stretchiness of your suit on the back. You need to look out for drain holes, a zip you can easily close yourself (because who wants to ask strangers on the beach to help them get into their suit every time!) and a structure that lets water out rather than collects it under the material. Not all front zip closure systems are the same!

A backzip has advantages too though, most of all that it is much easier to get into the suits. Particularly in high end suits the manufacturers have put a lot of thought into the construction of the backzip and how to minimise water getting through and maximise the stretch on the back. A zip might be shorter and might sit on a second layer outside the actual wetsuit (like the O’Neill patented ZEN zip closure system).

Which size is right for me?

The best way to choose the right size would be to go to your local shop and try it on with the help of the expert sales assistants. People working in watersports shops are trained and will be able to tell you whether a suit is a good fit. Of course, all brands have size charts online and you can take your measurements as a good start. In general you want the wetsuit to be tight, tighter than you think it should be. Neoprene stretches and if you start too big, the wetsuit just isn’t going to do the job.  If you haven’t worn a wetsuit before it might be difficult to decide whether a wetsuit fits you well or not, so buying online might create more hassle in the long run if you have to exchange it or worse wear it and find out that it doesn’t fit you right. If you know your size in a certain brand there’s nothing to be said against ordering online of course – you can find our range of wetsuits in our online shop.