We have teamed up with Northern Island who are looking for families to host one of their Spanish or French visitors for 2-3 weeks over the summer and in exchange the host family’s child will attend our summer camp together with the visitor free of charge. They already have a few visitors signed up who would like to do our camp and are looking for host families. If you would like to host one of them, please contact Judi at Northern Island Judi@northernisland.net, 01-4429499.

Paul is 15 and from Paris. He is coming on 18th June and would like to do 2 weeks at Surfdock and another week at home with his Irish host family before departing once more on the 9th July. He plays in an orchestra, likes reading, playing tennis and video games. He has lots of younger brothers and sisters.

Thomas is 15 and from Northern France. He is coming on the 18th June and would like to do 2 weks at Surfdock. His parents are farmers and Thomas boards during the week away from home. He loves fishing, scouting and playing tennis.

Eloise is 15 and she is from Brittany and lives near the sea. She is coming from the 2nd-16th July and would like to do 2 weeks at Surfdock. Her main interests are dancing, playing the piano and sailing. She has only a small problem: she is scared of animals so will be happier in a pet free host home!

Theophile is 16 and also from Brittany. He is coming from the 16th-30th July and would like to do 2 weeks at surfdock. His main interests are movies, athletics and playing video games.